NATS Qualified with CAA Permissions

Eye in the Sky Glasgow

John S B Crawford – Director / Operator

Eye in the Sky Glasgow was founded in 2017 and is fully committed to providing Drone Services for all. Our Operations Manual Dated 10 August 2020 V7 is fully approved by the CAA allowing CAA Permissions PfCO to be issued Certificate Number 4  for 2020/2021. Eye in the Sky Glasgow is also Registered Drone Operator under the new CAA November 2019 Drone Regulations undertaking the Online Test and registering for both IDs: OP-5YFQQMZ and ID : FLY-VCFFBR. We pride ourselves in providing services to include, but are not limited too high-level non-intrusive Inspection’s, Surveys with Thermal Imaging and Aerial Imaging Construction Progress and Marketing Photography and Video.

My past Career in Oil & Gas Construction Management coupled with extensive experience in Health and Safety and my work ethics we aim to provide a valuable service across a broad range of industries that can be completed safely, efficiently whilst remaining cost effective to what previously would have been deemed too expensive. I personally find the work that we produce totally amazing and I’m convinced you will too. So…if you identify any work where our expertise can be of service, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, all our advice is offered free of charge with no obligations.

John S B Crawford -Director / Operator

Business Plan, Investment, Training and Qualifications

Prior to our successful start up we spent time investigating Who, What, Where, When and Why questions for Drone Technology and I came up with the answers that there is a gap in the market that can utilize there use for Aerial Inspections, Surveys & Photography. Where previous we used the expense of Helicopters, High Ladders, Access Scaffolding, Hydraulic Lifts, Abseil Teams and many more inspection methods. Now with the advancement in Drone Technology, Safety Operations Courses and Company Operations Manuals, Public Liabilities Insurance and the setting out by the Aviation Experts, mainly NATS (National Air Traffic Services) and the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) the Legal Procedures and Guidelines (CAP 393, 722, 1763) allows safe drone operations which can be completed in a less expensive safe manner, ensuring vast savings for all our clients.

I gave equal consideration to How and How Much, so I set out an Investment Plan, Business Case and Business Plan, then spent time reviewing Company requirements, Transport and Equipment, Pre Course Training and how to attain CAA Qualifications and the best companies delivering approved NQE Training. After spending a few months of daily flying practice when good weather permitted, I successfully completed my 3 days Course with final day Theory and Practical Exams at NATS (NQE Approved) prestigious Prestwick Airport facility with a full CAA Qualification RPAS/PfCO which is CAA Permissions to Fly Commercial Operations as a Professional Drone Company. 


Safety First Always ~ If in Doubt “ASK”

The company is fully equipped NATs Trained and Qualified with CAA Approvals, registered with the CAA (Document CAP 1361) available online with Public Liabilities Insurance in place, fully approved “Safety Operations Manual” . Eye in the Sky Glasgow has the ability to provide Aerial Inspections, Surveys & Marketing Photography Services (Oblique and Vertical) and at a fraction of previous costs using other methods.

As Company Director RPAS / PfCO Operator, centrally located Eye in the Sky Glasgow are providing a Professional & Innovative Commercial Drone Service, and can very promptly respond to all client’s needs and mobilize at short notice. Therefore if you identify any scope of work where we may be of service (also see our services section) please don’t hesitate to get in touch for free advice either on e-mail or contact numbers as below or on my contact page.