NATS Qualified with CAA Operational Authorisation

Eye in the Sky Glasgow

John S B Crawford – Director / Operator

Eye in the Sky Glasgow was founded in 2017 and is fully committed to providing Drone Services across a broad range of industries. Our Operations Manual Dated 17th June 2022 V11.2 is fully approved by the CAA allowing the issue of our “Operational Authorisation” within the Specific Category UKPDRA-01 for 2022/2023. Eye in the Sky Glasgow is also a Registered Drone Operator following CAA changes made in November 2019 to the UK Drone Regulations undertaking the Online CAA Test and registering for both CAA Unique IDs: Company Operator ID GBR-OP-HV329RSBT7YF and Drone Flyer ID : FLY-VCFFBR. All our operations are covered by our Continuous Drone Insurance provided by Moonrock Drone Insurance. We pride ourselves in providing Non-intrusive Construction Progress, Inspection's and Marketing Drone Services including Thermal Imaging Photography and Video. All our operations are completed following the latest CAA Operational Authorisation Guidelines.

All operations will be carried out in accordance  with, and abide by the requirements of, Air Navigation Order 2016/765, as amended and Regulation (EU) 2019/947 as  retained (and amended in UK domestic law) under the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 – (The UAS Implementing Regulation, or  ‘UAS IR’).

  • UK Reg (EU) No. 2019/947 referrers to the UAS Implementing Regulation.
  • UK Reg (EU) 2019/945 as the UAS Delegated Regulation.


I have gained a wealth of Construction, Health, Safety and Environmental Experience from my 35 successful years spent working across 4 Continents within the Oil & Gas Construction Management Industry coupled with my personal working ethics.

Our aim is to provide all our clients with our drone service`s across a broad range of industries allowing all our operations to be completed Safely, Efficiently whilst remaining Cost Effective to what previously would have been deemed too expensive additionally with “No Harm to People, Property or the Environment”

If you identify any project where our drone expertise can be of service, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, all our advice, desktop risk assessments, site ground surveys and meetings are offered at no charge and additionally with no commitment to you as the client to proceed.

John S B Crawford -Director / Operator