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Many Operating Industries such as Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Construction, Communications, and Utilities all complete regular inspections of their plant and equipment both “indoors and outdoors” to ensure continuous safe operations. Normal operations using personnel for these inspections is limited in many instances, live plant, working at height, over water, access problems, confined spaces (Canals, Underside of Bridges, Tunnels etc) An increasing number of companies are now investigating the use of Drones for these activities as they address the operational challenges faced by human inspections. Drones require less support for these inspection operations, such as no requirement for Access Ladders, Scaffolds, Man-lifts, Hoists, Man-power, Plant / Equipment Shutdowns making the use of Drones both safer and more cost efficient. There is a vast range of services that can more easily be carried out by drones, ensuring all data collated is investigated by the correct authority with assessment decisions quickly made allowing for planned corrective maintenance on any potential problem areas identified more cost effective and efficiently, resulting in minimal disruption and down-time to daily operations. Has your Company or Management Investigated or Considered their use.?

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Eye in the Sky Glasgow was founded 2017 and operated by its Director of Operations John Crawford. We are committed to providing Drone Service`s for all with our services including but are not limited too high-level non-intrusive Inspections, Surveys and Aerial Marketing Photography. If you identify any work where our expertise can contribute to your success then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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