Drone Technology 2017 – 2020

Drone technology 2017 – 2020

The market for drones is growing and predicted to grow faster over the next few years, businesses should prepare for the impact, some industries will be turned upside down. The current drone market is estimated at around $2 billion. Over the next few years leading up to 2020, that number is set to top $127 billion……this is an overall growth of over 6000 per cent in just three years.
The market responsible for the drone explosion is the amount of new applications for the technology, matched with rising affordability which will account for the streamlining and automation of processes for many industries from aerial surveys, inspection, security and construction to name only a few.
Look at Amazon and there plans for Drone deliveries, Dubai with there new Drone Taxi. And note it’s not just big business that will see an evolution thanks to this tech revolution, small businesses should also prepare for the impact of drones, with some sectors set for significant changes over the coming years. The ramifications of drone technology are not equal for all industries, though; some will see little to no effect, while others will be turned upside down.
Small businesses can prepare as the Drone tech wave has not yet hit them but by 2020, it will be unavoidable.
Small businesses should prepare for the induction of drone technology into their ranks. This will not only allow companies to quickly adapt and remain competitive, but also attempt to stay ahead of the curve.
Now is the time to start planning. Look at how you can use drones to improve/offer new services, reduce costs and streamline processes, no matter what industry you are in. Remember that drones require operation and in the UK this is training set out to achieve CAA Approval and this can be expensive and time consuming. Think now about engaging an approved drone operator or contractor or taking on the expense of training staff in Approved Drone Safe Operations, this will have vast cost savings now and may save you time and money further down the line, as the technology becomes more widespread and in-demand. But beware whatever decisions both large and small companies make…..Drone Technology is coming your way……

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