Now why didn`t I think of that….

The UK and especially Scotland which is noted for its beautiful scenery is not unfortunately blessed with the best of weather, summer can last for a full day sometimes, and when the winds blow, they blow. So imagine this, we have a storm, the winds are blowing the rain is falling and your roof or building has been damaged or roofing has detached which then predictably gets blown away, now we have snow, sleet or rain, and water will always find a way in. No problem you’re fully insured after all and the Policy will have the roof and building covered.

A call to the insurer will soon fix this, as nice as they are on the phone, your soonest is not always their soonest, as they do have a company procedure to follow, but they will get an inspector out to you. But how soon is soon when you have water coming into your house and now not only external roof damage but also possible internal redecoration so you want it inspected and repaired, Like Now.

But “what if” the Insurance Company instead of sending out the inspector or roofing contractor with their ladders because to be honest, you really cannot see much from ground level and the Insurance Company do require a report. So back to “what if” the Insurance Company make a call direct to a their Qualified, CAA Approved Drone Company such as Eye in the Sky (Glasgow) Ltd who then visit your property, inform you they are on the job and complete a full non intrusive roof inspection and then e-mailed a specific Insurance Company format report complete with Drone photographic evidence direct to the Insurance Company who then give the go ahead direct to the Roofing Company complete with photographs, to proceed with all the necessary repairs.

Note: Eye in the Sky (Glasgow) Ltd operates a DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ which are the best all round Professional Drones on the market today for Aerial Inspections, Surveys and Photography.


About Director

Eye in the Sky Glasgow was founded 2017 and operated by its Director of Operations John Crawford. We are committed to providing Drone Service`s for all with our services including but are not limited too high-level non-intrusive Inspections, Surveys and Aerial Marketing Photography. If you identify any work where our expertise can contribute to your success then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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