Our Services (Includes Thermal Imaging Services)

Our Services: Inspections – Surveys – Aerial Imaging

Company Marketing (Your Product) Examples: Garage Forecourts / Sports Stadiums
• Project progress photography (Brownfield & Greenfield)
Property Inspections with images and referenced report
• Steeples, Clocks and Weather Vanes
Safety surveys at unsafe locations and buildings
• Farmland, Agricultural Land and Livestock overviews
Wind Farm Turbine and Column Prop/Blade visual inspection/report
• Land / Property Surveys
Building Contractors, Roofing / Cladding Contractor Marketing Survey and Reports
• Crane Boom, Electrical, Aerial Masts and Towers Inspections
Ships / Vessels (Hull) surveying exterior.
• Offshore/Onshore Rigs, Installations Surveys (Flare Booms / Vent Stacks)
Estate agents, developers, planners
• Police action (area search warrants)
Traffic surveillance
• Road Traffic Accident (RTA) – Accident investigation
Inland Search and Rescue
• Unsafe area fly-over (Emergency incidents / Fires etc)

Personal events – Photography / Video

• Aerial Photography – Scottish Landscapes
Aerial Photography – All Events
• Large Wedding Parties / Group Photographs
Sporting Occasions (Example – Golf Competitions / Skate Boarding / Cycle Parks)
• Golf Course Layouts: Tee Locations, Fairways, Rough and Greens overviews

Company – Director Operator