Professional Drone Pilot Qualification (RPAS)

CAA ApprovalĀ that allows Eye in the Sky Glasgow Ltd to Operate Commercially.

The UK CAA Regulations for drone operations govern the use of all Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) or small unmanned aircraft (SUA). These regulations govern the safe operation of Drones with respect to the public, property and other airspace users. Anyone conducting work of any value must hold a Permission for Aerial Work (PFAW). Before the CAA will issue a PFAW, a pilot must undertake an approved NQE Course (Completed with NATS, Prestwick) which included the following:

– Aviation Law
– Navigation
– Meteorology
– Human Factors
– Liaising with UK airfields
– Working with Air Traffic Control
– Training for Emergencies
– CAA Operations Manual compilation
– Permissions and Exemptions/OSC
– Theory examination (Closed book)
– Practical Examination (Flying in ATTI Mode)
– Using the NATS Portal, NOTAMS, AIS, etc.

On completion of the course each candidate (RPAS) also requires to pass a written exam and a practical assessment (on both pre-planning and flight), take out commercial insurance, and submit a detailed Operations Manual to the CAA for Approval

Operating regulations.

RPAS must be flown under the following restrictions at all times, unless specific permissions have been otherwise granted upon application to the CAA:
* Maximum 500m distance from the pilotā€™s location.
* Within visual line of sight (using the unaided eye other than normal spectacles).
* Under 400 feet (122m) altitude.
* Not less than 50m fromĀ any person, vehicle, vessel or building (unless under the control of the pilot).
* No flights within 150m or over organised crowds of 1000 people or more.
* No closer than 30m from any person not under the control of the pilot during take-off and landing.
* Priority must be given to all manned aircraft.

Certain areas may have restrictions where additional permissions to fly need to be sought from the CAA and if we are flying near to an airport or aerodrome, contact is required with the Air traffic Control to check with them that it is safe to operate at a certain height on a specified date and time…… you know how we got here, and Ā utilising +35 years of experience into this new company venture.

About Director

Eye in the Sky Glasgow was founded 2017 and operated by its Director of Operations John Crawford. We are committed to providing Drone Service`s for all with our services including but are not limited too high-level non-intrusive Inspections, Surveys and Aerial Marketing Photography. If you identify any work where our expertise can contribute to your success then please donā€™t hesitate to get in touch.

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