Personal Safety Statement

Director / Operator Eye in the Sky Glasgow

Personal Safety Statement

It is the commitment and responsibility of myself (John S B Crawford) as Director and Operator of Eye In The Sky Glasgow to uphold the safe operations outlined within our Operations Manual as approved by the CAA and take every precaution necessary to operate within the regulations stipulated by the CAA, and any permissions/exemptions obtained. I will ensure I take a proactive and focused approach to safety at all times, to ensure the positive growth of the Drone industry. I will also ensure that I conduct all drone operations in a safe manner to which Eye In The Sky Glasgow is committed to.
As well as the detail contained in the Operations Manual, it is the commitment of Eye In The Sky Glasgow to maintain and implement an Emergency Response Plan (ERP). In the event of an emergency, and as the Accountable Manager will communicate with all the required parties, (emergency services, client etc.), and operations will cease until a satisfactory conclusion/resolution which negates Eye In The Sky Glasgow from fault has been drawn. In the event that conclusion identifies process failure, immediate action will be taken to review and amend the process.
All detail within the Operations Manual is the responsibility of myself as the Accountable Manager (John S B Crawford) and any requirement to deviate will be updated and notified to the regulator as required. No details within the document will contravene the rules and guidelines stipulated by the CAA, unless permitted via regulatory permissions/exemptions.
Eye In The Sky Glasgow also recognises the importance of adherence to local laws and UK bylaws which may affect RPAS operations. If in any doubt Eye In The Sky Glasgow will contact the relevant parties to ensure full adherence as required.


Operating Equipment

Eye in the Sky Glasgow for all our projects are operating the latest customised DJI Drones including the Phantom 4 Pro Plus V2 and the Phantom Obsidian 4 Pro Plus both having DJI Controllers with 5.5″ Monitors. We also operate the Mavic 2 Pro Zoom the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual the Mavic 2 Hasselblad and the new Mavic Mini 2 Drone (fitted with prop gaurds for indoors) all operating with dedicated DJI Controllers and Monitors that include either a Chrystalsky, Smart Controllers or an IPads with all selected as best suited for all projects we undertake.
This selection of Drones are the most popular professional drones for our business size, packed with high-end safety features and functionality, design attributes, electronic components, with built in safety features such as the return to home, direction obstacle avoidance systems making them the safest drones in the air today. These sensors actively scan the environment around the drone and allow it to autonomously avoid obstacles and anything else you might encounter during flight. All our drones have the capability to capture 4K video up to 50 frames per second, and still HD photography at up to 20 megapixels. 

  Company Documents

Company Document Title

Company Reference

Registered Company Number (Trading as Eye in the Sky Glasgow) 565337
CAA Fully Approved Operations Manual – Dated 10th August 2020 Version 7 NQE No. 2142 – Permissions and Exemptions UAS4272
Public Liabilities Insurance Policy – Moonrock Drone Insurance /HU PIB 9451425 (2020 – 2021) HU-PIB 9451425
CAA Permissions (PfCO) – Certificate Number 4 issued on 21st August 2020 Permissions and Exemptions UAS-4272  
NATS Course Certificate NQE 1010/1367 – NATS (RPAS 2142) 3 Days with Theory and Practical Exams 10th – 12th May 2017
CAA Approved with NATS Personal Recommendation 1010/1367 – UAV4272 (RPAS/PfCO) 17th  May 2017
Drone Safe Operations – Method Statement MS1/Rev 02
Flight Checklist PF1/Rev 02
Site Preparation Checklist SP1/Rev 02
Operations Checklist OW1/Rev 02
Risk Assessment SR1/Rev 02
Project Procedure PP1/Rev01
Primary Area of work – Glasgow Airport EGPF / ATC Direct Contact Number (Police Scotland Aviation Safety/Security) 0141 840 8029 (07717 720591)